Video production service

Why should you trust productions by Bamboo Media?

Quality guarantee: Fei Wang is the founder of Bamboo Media. He has worked as a professional TV & broadcast producer for over 10 years. His media production career started in 2000, working as a TV producer for CCTV (China National TV). Later he was employed by the BBC as a broadcast producer. His extensive working experience with British and Chinese national broadcasters, means he can guarantee high quality video productions.

Vision: Through years of working experience in media productions, he believes that video productions, especially corporate videos, are to convey a message. His aim is to keep this message clear and loud but at the same time, remove all the unnecessary gimmicks.  The City of London Corporation has chosen Bamboo Media as a long-term video production supplier because of our economically advantageous solutions.

Case study 1: Promotional video for the Heart of the City Network Breakfast (HD format)
This video was produced within 1 working day. Bamboo Media producer gave presenter (staff member of client) some training on presentation skills at the site.  Filming time was 2 hours and editing time 4 hours. The video was uploaded on the same day of the event.


Case study 2: Promotional video for City Marketing Suite (HD format)
This video was produced within 2 working days. Bamboo Media visualised script provided by client and its producer gave the presenter (staff member of client) some training on presentation skills at the site. Filming time was only 3 hours and editing time 1 working day.


Case study 3: Promotional video for the City of London (HD format)
This video was produced within 5 working days. Script was written by City of London’s staff member. Bamboo Media producer helped with the visualisation of the script and approved by client. The filming time was only 1 working day and the editing time 2 working days. After getting client’s approval, Bamboo Media producer uploaded the video on to the internet.